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Products > worm gearbox > WMRV series worm gearbox > WMRV series worm gearbox
Product name : WMRV series worm gearbox
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Structure features 
•  Two types of housings: Aluminum alloy and cast iron; Two kinds of frames: foot mounting and flange mounting. They are good-looking in appearance, suitable for universal mount.
•  Helical gear with the high-tensile alloy material makes the construction more compact, housing smaller, efficiency higher, output torque larger.
•  Hardened facing transmission gear that fine finished has the advantages below: seldom distortion, high precision,stable running, low noise, It also can work continually under the dreadful conditions.
•  With 6 specification for the diameter of output shaft: Ø18Ø22Ø28Ø32Ø40Ø50.
•  Two or three-stage transmission, large in ratio range, each single frame size with 14 ratios from 5:1 to 200:1.
•  Using high quality bearing prolongs the use life.
•  High-performance oil seal prevents the lubricant from leaking back to the inner of motor.
•  Three-phase motor combined the standard and full-enclosed aluminum motor, which is good in waterproof, easy in heat dissipation, high in running efficiency.
•  Modular combination extends the transmission ratio from i=5:1 to 1400:1.

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