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Products > Motor > > YC single-phase asynchronous motor
Product name : YC single-phase asynchronous motor
Item : 201273232144
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YC series single-phase capacitor-start asynchronous motors
Single-phase capactitor-start asynchronous motor. Series YC, is totally enclosed fan-cooled type. The starting torque of motors is 2-3 times as rated torque. The motors give excellent performance such as low in noise, low in temperature-rise, high in overloading capacity and convenience in maintenance. It may widely application in all types of small machine tools compression pumps refrigerators and the equipment which need bigger
starting torque, etc.
They are wonderful utilities for family workshop where only single-phase power are available.
This series motors adopts class B insulation, IP44 degree of protection and IC0141 method of cooling. The rated frequency of the motor is 50Hz while the rating voltage is 220V.
The mounting dimensions of the motors are all in conformity with IEC standarde. Mounting
types:IM B3,IM B5,IM B35,IM B14,IM B34,IM V1,IM V3,IM V5,IM V6,IM V18,IM V19,IM V36.
Working conditions: Altitude above sea level not over 1000m, Altitude temperature not over 40℃.

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